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Providing remote
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What is the eyeConnect?

Easy to Use Eye Telemedicine Platform

eyeConnect is an integrated platform for Ophthalmic Telemedicine that is easy to use for medical ancillary staff, nurses, GPs or specialists at any location. It assists in the assessment of eye injuries and disease while reducing the need for patient travel.

Anytime, Anywhere Ophthalmic Assessment

eyeConnect collects a standard package of eye information from a patient at any location and transmits it to a specialist at any site for assessment and/or screening. The specialist views the patient information and communicates patient instructions/advice back to the remote site.

eyeConnect assists in the equitable distribution of eye care in the community



eyeConnect Device

eyeConnect connects primary healthcare practitioners with optometrists and ophthalmologists in almost real time. This patented system allows the clinician to easily capture a package of consistent, high quality patient eye information and transmit it to a connected specialist for assessment or screening.

The Assessment Package

eyeConnect captures consistent, high quality patient eye information providing the remote specialist with the best data to make their assessment.

Easy to Use and Easy to learn

An intuitive user interface makes the system easy to learn and easy to use for infrequent users.
Training is quick for all levels from medical ancillary staff through to specialists.

Easy Viewing Options

Reviewing patient information is made easy through a range of viewing options such as our Telehealth Viewing App or PDF viewer. All options present the information in the highest resolution.

Easy to Integrate

eyeConnect which is Windows 10 Pro based, simply looks like another computer. It can easily be added to your network, creating many options for data management.

Virtual Consulting / Screening

eyeConnect extends the specialists reach, meaning the specialist can effectively be in two places at the same time to assess patients.

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of the Patient Information Package

Patient history

A patient history questionnaire captures key patient eye information by asking the minimum number of questions. On installation, clinicians can tailor the questionnaire to their circumstance.

Visual Acuity and Amsler Grid Tests

Visual acuity tests using a Snellen Chart and Amsler Grid. These two interactive tests are integrated into the eyeConnect.

High Resolution Images

High resolution images of the Anterior segment showing details of the injury or disease. Photo types available: Broad illumination, slit illumination (fixed angle), corneal fluorescein, Retinal (optional).
Easy to pan and zoom the system provides an excellent view.

Intra-ocular Pressure Assessments

A separate device, the eyePressure, can be used with the instrument to conduct an IOP assessment. The result can be included in the package detail.

Review and Send

A review and send feature allows the user to review the patient information package prior to transmitting it to the optometrist or ophthalmologist located remotely.


Where can eyeConnect be used?

eyeConnect can be used in a variety of environments, from urgent assessment of eye injuries or diseases to detailed post-operative follow up and screening.

Emergency Departments

eyeConnect allows emergency department clinicians to collect patient eye information, send it to a remote specialist centre and receive instructions regarding the patient.

General Practice clinics

For General Practices that are remote from specialist ophthalmic or optometric services and want to provide a more expedient patient outcome.

Screening Service

Able to be operated by medical ancillary staff, large scale collection of standard assessment packages provides an ideal opportunity for screening services. E.g. screening of diabetics and for glaucoma.

Private Ophthalmic Clinicians

Clinicians who perform surgery in multiple locations can equip secondary sites with the eyeConnect allowing post-operative follow up to be conducted remotely.




How to use

eyeConnect - Solving the Problem


Technical Details


FunctionValue / TypeRemark
Clinical testsPatient History, Visual Acuity, Amsler Grid Photo types available: Broad illumination, slit illumination (fixed angle), corneal fluorescein, Retinal (optional) IOP, Refraction (optional)Any or all of the tests can be selected and grouped to reflect different Patient Types
Patient History QuestionsConfigurable 
Image sizeCMOS 5 megapixelColour image
Image (capture)White LEDFlashes for capturing images
Image (capture, flourescein)Blue LEDFlashes for capturing flourescein images
Illumination during alignment to patient's eyeWhite LEDLow level continuous
Focus adjustmentManualTwo slit technique
Working distanceapproximately 65 mm from lens to cornea 
Depth of focus6mm 
FixationInternalCross hair
FunctionValue / Type
Alignment modeManual
Chin restManual
Chin rest range (electronic)Up / down : 12 mm
Chin rest range (Manual)Up / down : 60 mm
Operation rangeFront / back : 50 mm Left / right : 95 mm Up / down : 12 mm
Interface3xUSB 2.0 port,
eyeTelecloud connectivity (Optional)
Input / output formatImage format : JPEG, PDF
Display23" LCD monitor, HDMI
Operating systemWindows 10 professional and dedicated software installed
Keyboard/MouseWireless supplied as standard
ComplianceIEC 60601-1:2005+A1:2012,
IEC 60601-1-2:2014,
IEC 60601-1-6:2010 + A1:2013,
ISO 15004-1: 2006,
ISO 15004-2: 2007
CE markedYes
DimensionsDepth : 411 mm Width : 325 mm Height : 463 mm
Weight9 kg, easy lift via chinrest or side handles
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